A Christian concern for creation care and climate action is not a fringe issue reserved only for a select few. It runs through the very heart of the gospel message of redemption and is a central component of Christian discipleship. As such, it should infuse every part of Christian life, including worship. Below are just a few resources to help you and your congregation begin thinking about how you might incorporate creation care into the worship life of your church community. Consider sending these to your pastor or worship leader as they craft worship every week.

How can you start a conversation in your community about incorporating all of creation into your worship life?

  • Good Seed Sunday: Every April, A Rocha Canada offers devotionals, videos, and free creation care resources to help churches consider how they can honor the Creator by honoring creation in their worship services.
  • Let All Creation Rejoice: Four Steps to Care for Creation in All Worship: Four concrete steps for incorporating creation care into your church’s worship.
  • Citizens for Public Justice: Church Resources: Creation-focused sermon starters, group studies, prayers, songs and more are on offer here from Citizens for Public Justice.
  • Season of Creation Liturgical Resources: The church calendar marks many times of the year as special worship seasons (i.e Advent, Lent, Pentecost), but large swaths of the year are considered "ordinary time". A movement to mark a portion of that ordinary time (September 1-October 4) as the "season of creation" offers churches the opportunity to focus their worship every year on the goodness of creation and on our call to care for and be in right relationship with it.
  • Reformed Worship: Creation-friendly Advent Worship: A piece written by Y.E.C.A.'s national organizer about the connection between creation and the incarnation, along with suggestions for congregations to make their Advent worship more creation-friendly.
  • Do Justice Lenten Reflections: A series of Lenten reflections from our friends at the CRC Office of Social Justice focused on our relationship to the rest of creation.

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