Y.E.C.A.’s Support for the NAE’s Resolution on Climate and Creation Care

We at Y.E.C.A. congratulate the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) for the passage at their latest Board meeting of their Resolution, Caring for God's Creation, A Call to Action . As the nation’s largest association of evangelical Christian denominations, organizations, and churches, the NAE’s resolution is an authoritative step forward in the evangelical community’s efforts to faithfully take on the great challenge of climate change.


A year ago, Y.E.C.A. respectfully sent a letter to the Board of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), sharing our concern around climate change, and asking if they would take an official position by adopting the  Lausanne Movement’s Cape Town Commitment, which emphasizes that, “world poverty and climate change need to be addressed together and with equal urgency.”

“In their letter to the NAE leadership last fall, Y.E.C.A. signatories showed great respect while sharing their concern for faithful climate action with senior evangelical leaders,” shared Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network and a Board Member of the NAE. “The wisdom, affirmation, and encouragement they communicated helped support and undergird the NAE’s leadership as we deliberated and passed the resolution released today.”

Our letter to the NAE, was spearheaded by Rachel Lamb, then Y.E.C.A.’s Chairperson, and Ben Lowe, then Y.E.C.A.’s National Spokesperson, who themselves are both members of the NAE. It was jointly signed by the Y.E.C.A. Steering Committee and members from a diverse range of evangelical institutions and denominations, including the Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, Presbyterian Church in America, Evangelical Free Church, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Christian Reformed Church, Wesleyan Church, and more.

Y.E.C.A. National Organizer and Spokesperson, Rachel Lamb, reflects on this effort “as an expression of faithfulness and unity within the church in response to one of the defining challenges our generation. This resolution, and the letter that preceded it, offer a critical demonstration of leadership by both senior and young evangelicals alike and highlights their commitment to serving and loving God and others together in this way.”

We at Y.E.C.A. celebrate the NAE’s resolution, which stands in solidarity with evangelicals worldwide by quoting extensively from the Cape Town Commitment. As young evangelicals, we are grateful for and encouraged by the leadership of the NAE, and we are eager to continue supporting and collaborating with our senior leaders when opportunities arise.

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