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How can Young Evangelicals for Climate Action help you work for climate action at the state or local level?

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action is a network of young Christians (ages 30 and under) and our various supporters across the United States. While much of our work takes place at the national level, we are actively working to empower activists for climate action at the state and local level. If you are currently working in your community or are looking to get involved in local climate action, we want to help! We offer unique assets to support your local campaign:

  • Networking with thousands of young evangelicals and other Christians of all generations across the country who are part of our network.

  • Website and communications infrastructure to host an online petition or other digital campaign.

  • National recognition: our distinctive work and positive message have been recognized in national outlets such as The New York Times, NPR, AP News and PBS NewsHour. Our authoritative voice and national visibility can give your cause outside legitimacy and can amplify your message on the national stage.

  • Personalized guidance offered by our network of experienced activists to help you think strategically about your campaign.

Ready to connect? Email us at communications@yecaction.org!

Looking for a more official relationship with Y.E.C.A.? Consider applying to our Project Leaders program or our Climate Leadership Fellowship program

Note that Young Evangelicals for Climate Action is a subsidiary of the Evangelical Environmental Network, which is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Accordingly, all relevant restrictions regarding political campaigns apply.

How can I begin a climate action campaign in my community?

There are a number of opportunities to advocate for climate action in your own state or local context. Here are some suggestions on how to begin.

  • Check to see if your city or state is part of the Under2 Coalition. If so, write your mayor or governor and thank them for being a part of the coalition. If not, look at what the cities and states in the Under2 Coalition have submitted in their appendices that may serve as inspiration for a specific policy or program you can advocate for in your community.

  • Is your mayor a part of the Compact of Mayors? If not, gather some friends together and write letters asking for a meeting to discuss joining the Compact. Follow up with their office the following week to make sure that the meeting request moves forward.
  • Search online for local environmental groups and ask around with other environmental non-profits to see what is already taking place on the ground. Some good places to start might include your local Sierra Club chapter, your local 350.org chapter, your League of Conservation Voters state affiliate, your Interfaith Power & Light state affiliate, or the Sunrise Movement. If you start working with any of these organizations, make sure to let them know you are a young evangelical and would like to help Young Evangelicals for Climate Action be represented in their campaigns!

  • Some old fashioned research can do a lot of good. Be sure to check the local newspapers for current climate-related campaigns, legislation, projects and and other initiatives. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency can tell you about existing policies and the Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker can tell you about some new and proposed policies.

Remember, thoughtful climate action can take into consideration both mitigation efforts to reduce climate change through emission reductions and adaptation efforts that protect from climate impacts. In which effort (mitigation or adaptation) is your community already best placed to invest? Also remember, climate action and justice go together: it is important to make sure the costs and benefits of climate action are distributed in a way that is arguably fair and equitable for everyone. Research local environmental justice organizations to understand how activists are already working in your community to make sure that your actions work in harmony with those already at work in your locale.

Ready to collaborate? Or want to brainstorm more ideas? Reach out to us at communications@yecaction.org!

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