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The Goal

Addressing climate change requires more than individual good deeds: to solve the problem means taking coordinated action as a nation and as a global community. We believe that it is through the hard work of democracy that we can coordinate the type of action that is necessary for solving the challenge of climate change.

We understand that many evangelical Christians are disappointed with the roster of presidential candidates this year. It can be tempting to want to throw in the towel or to "sit this one out," but we believe that faithful Christian discipleship calls us to participate in the democratic process no matter whose name is at the top of the ballot. Faithful civic engagement isn't ultimately about which candidate or party wins which race; it is about using our power and influence to protect the vulnerable and to promote the common good.

When it comes to climate change, these goals are more important to achieve than ever. No matter how discouraged and exhausted we might by this election cycle, it is in these final weeks that we must call on all of our candidates, running at every level of government, to present a plan for how they will address climate change.

The list of signatures gathered through this petition will be presented to congressional and presidential candidates, along with a message of encouragement calling on them to present a clear and achievable plan that will position the United States to be a global leader in addressing the challenge of climate change.

The Petition

We are young evangelical Christians striving to live out what Jesus said was most important: loving God fully and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Climate change is already negatively harming our neighbors and God’s creation both here in the United States and around the world.

We believe that those who are elected to political office in the United States inherit the moral responsibility to address the continuing and urgent challenge of climate change. Therefore, during this election season, we are calling on you, as a presidential or congressional candidate, to present a plan for how you will use your influence to address the threat of climate change.

We are in desperate need of leaders with both the moral vision and the moral courage to speak with clarity and consistency about climate change. As young evangelical Christians anticipating how we will vote in this upcoming election, we are looking for those visionary leaders.

Will you be one of them?

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