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Share Your Climate Testimony


Our Climate Testimonies campaign is a multimedia collection of young evangelicals from across the nation sharing how we came to care about the climate crisis, and how we hope the church will step up to this great challenge. A number of respected leaders in the evangelical community are taking note, providing us with Senior Leader Responses of their own.

You are invited to join in this project by sharing your Climate Testimony!

Each Climate Testimony, at minimum, should contain a response to these three open-ended questions:

  1. How, as a Christian, have you come to care about the climate crisis?
  2. What have you been doing in your own life in response to the climate crisis?
  3. What is your prayer for our church and our political leaders regarding the climate crisis?

For more guidelines and tips, check out our Activist's Guide to Sharing a Climate Testimony.

Use the form below to share your Climate Testimony, or alternatively, e-mail us at campaigns@yecaction.org.