Senate Confirms Pruitt; Votes to Cloud Ties of Incoming EPA Administrator to Fossil Fuel Industry

Senate Confirms Pruitt to Head EPA Mere Days Before Thousands of Emails Detailing Relationship with Fossil Fuel Industry Are Set to Be Released


ANN ARBOR, MI, FEBRUARY 17, 2017—Earlier today, the U.S. Senate confirmed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In response, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action released the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed in the Senate’s rush to confirm Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to serious questions about Pruitt’s record on environmental protection and his commitment to the mission of the EPA, the vote was held mere days before thousands of court-ordered email releases will finally shed long-called-for light on Pruitt’s relationship with the fossil fuel industry. Soon we will know the extent of this relationship, but it will be too late to allow this knowledge to influence Scott Pruitt’s future at the EPA.

Even as we lament this hasty and dangerous confirmation, we take hope. We take hope in the millions of evangelical Christians who have already risen up on behalf of God’s creation; on behalf of clean air, clean water, and stable climate for all. We take hope in the power of people to stand up on the side of justice, flourishing, and life in the face of the death-dealing powers of exploitation and greed. We take hope in the power of the Risen Christ to continue to reconcile the entire created world back to himself and to usher in his kingdom of justice, equity, and peace.”


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