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Ohio Clean Energy Petition


Climate change is one of the greatest moral threats of our time. While federal action has stalled, states and local governments have become the pioneers we need to move clean energy and climate action policy forward.

In the year to come, we will be working with our partners at the Evangelical Environmental Network in a handful of states to raise the voice of evangelicals in calling on state leaders to enact policies that will free our communities from toxic fossil fuel pollution and set us on the path toward 100% clean, renewable energy.

We invite all Ohioans to sign the petition below and to let their elected leaders know that evangelicals in the Buckeye State want bold climate action!

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As a young evangelical, I believe one of my highest callings is to love God and to love our neighbor. The effects of pollution and a changing climate from the burning of fossil fuels pose direct threats both to God’s good creation and to my neighbor’s flourishing, not to mention to my own future. I believe that working to quickly transition Ohio’s economy toward 100% renewable clean energy is an opportunity to love God and my neighbor better, while simultaneously positioning Ohio to be a 21st century energy leader.

I ask Gov. DeWine and members of the Ohio Legislature to support policies that achieve 100% clean energy in Ohio by 2030.

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