Project Leaders

Mike Schwartz


Mike Schwartz is the Westside Youth Coordinator at First Baptist Church in Santa Barbara where he has served at-risk Latino youth for the past six years. 

Most recently, he has served as the co-director for justice issues with First Baptist’s local and international mission program called “Helping Hands”. Helping Hands seeks love for the brokenhearted, wholeness within economic systems, racial equality, and justice for non-human creation (both animal rights and environmental care). Mike hopes to bring awareness and engagement with these issues to the Santa Barbara area and has a passion for seeing the church understand the biblical directive to seek justice within all forms of systemic brokenness. Outside of Helping Hands, he has also worked for  five years with the Uffizi Order in Santa Barbara, a non-profit organization which helps the local church engage marginalized subcultures (immigrant families, homeless friends, and trafficking victims).

Project Description: We are working to help our congregation and city approach one another and God's creation through the lens of His love and justice.We want to help Christians understand the impact of our lifestyle and how small changes can make a big difference.