Project Leaders

Mason Tennell


Mason Tennell is an environmental biology and biology education major at Greenville College and was a YECA Leadership Fellow during the 2014-2015 academic year. 

At Greenville, he started “The Green Team”, an environmental stewardship club on campus working to educate the campus on creation care and provide opportunities for students to serve in environmental roles. The Green Team has sponsored a colloquia series hosting speakers on faith and environmental stewardship and has also generated a campus-wide recycling initiative. Outside of the Green Team, Mason has volunteered at the campus field station and has conducted environmental research. As a research assistant at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, he has investigated the effects of dam removal on macroinvertebrates in the Boardman River.

Project Description: As the President of the "Green Team" student group at Greenville College, my project consists of getting composting on Greenville College's campus. We have already implemented some early stages of this, but we are expanding and refining the process. In addition to composting, I hope to help bring speakers to Greenville College who can prompt discussion on faith and climate change, as well as identify alternative energy sources to meet the campus' energy needs.