Climate Testimonies

Kevin Crosby

Kevin Crosby (Upland, IN) is the sustainability coordinator for Taylor University and a founding member of the Y.E.C.A. Steering Committee.

Through his environmental science and engineering studies, Kevin learned that "when the land isn't healthy, people aren't healthy." As a Christian called to love his neighbor and pursue justice, Kevin says "I took it on as my calling to be the person who cares for the land."

"Within that, climate change is probably one of the largest...issues that we face today."

Discussing his work as the sustainability coordinator for Taylor University, Kevin says: "Here at Taylor, we try and be good stewards of our resources. Our financial resources, our environmental resources, and also our human resources. A lot of those energy efficiency projects allow us to save money and reduce our emissions."

Kevin and his wife do a lot of little things, such as keeping their thermostat low and biking to work. "But we also try to be vocal about our views on this." Kevin elaborates, saying "My prayer for Christian leaders and political leaders alike is that they realize that if we really want to love our neighbors, there are some consequences of our actions...and we need to take steps to mitigate that, no matter what the cost."

"I often get very discouraged at the selfishness of our society...the question often is what can politics do for us? What can the church do for us?" Kevin laments. But he is not completely without hope: "I'm really excited about the great work that the others of Y.E.C.A. are doing, and I think it'll have a great impact in the years to come."

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Filmed by: Kaleb Nyquist, Kristin Crosby
Edited by: Kaleb Nyquist