Climate Testimonies

Josh and Emily

Josh and Emily, both students from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA), share their climate testimony.

Josh testifies, "I know I always just loved being in the woods and it was always just a huge part of my life." It was not until going to Geneva where he started to appreciate Scripture's call on us to care for creation. He continues, "when I heard about that and the importance of it, moreso that just having fun in [nature], I knew there was something to be done about [climate change]."

Emily says that one of the ways she addresses climate change in her life is through "Sharing with other Christians the burden of responsibility we have," she testifies. "I think the first thing is acknowledging that there is a problem. The church likes to ignore that there is a problem with climate change."

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Filming: Curtis Witek
Editing: Katie Norregaard