2018-2019 Fellows

Jess Vargo
King University

fullsizeoutput_1b6d.jpegJess Vargo is a General Biology major with a Psychology minor at King University in Bristol, Tn.  Jess Vargo grew up in the Appalachian Mountains where she gained a true and hopeful appreciation for nature and creation care. Growing up in the Catholic Church, Jess was never aware of the issues going on in the world in regards to the environment. Now wanting to peruse a career in Environmental health, she hopes to use her faith and commitment to be a small step to the big changes happening in order to protect our future for creation care. At King University, Jess uses her voice from SGA, being a student athlete, and a president of an environmental club on campus in order to be a voice for Y.E.C.A at King University.  

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