Green Revolution (by Ben Lowe)



We are facing planet-sized challenges. Climate change and environmental crises can be pretty immobilizing, and we can fall into the temptation of thinking that we can't make a difference. But it's not just about what we can do on our own to make a difference. It's about what we can do when we mobilize together as a movement and combine for community action.

Ben Lowe, former Y.E.C.A. National Organizer and Spokesperson, calls the present generation to come together and care for the earth in a way that recent generations have not. Telling real-life stories of community organizing on college campuses across the nation, Lowe shows us that little things can make a big difference when we all work together. We now have an opportunity to show the world what it looks like when Christians care for the planet God gave us, so that future generations can live sustainably. This is our moment. This is our issue. Come join the green revolution.

Published by IVP (2009).


 Hear What Others Are Saying About Green Revolution:

"I am grateful for Ben Lowe's book. Green Revolution is an invitation, not just to believe that another world is possible, but to begin enacting it now."—from the foreword by Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President
"The Christian youth of America are making their mark in a Genesis- and Jesus-based commitment to creation conservation. Ben Lowe speaks for them and is out to add to their ranks. His witness and invitation seethe with hope and energy. Listen to him. Join him."—Eugene H. Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, and translator of The Message
"This is the book we need. No set of challenges calls more directly to people of faith than these environmental cataclysms--the de-creation we are now engaged in. Here's strong evidence of both the good thinking and great energy needed to set things right."—Bill McKibben, co-founder of and author of Eaarth and The End of Nature
"A new generation of younger evangelicals is leading the way in showing us how to be mindful of our stewardship for the world in which we live, not as a substitute for biblical faith but as a faithful expression of it. Ben Lowe's book helps us do just that. I recommend it to all Christians everywhere."—Timothy George, dean, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, and senior editor, Christianity Today
"Green Revolution is more than a great book. It's a powerfully convincing invitation to join a fresh movement of God. Thanks, Ben Lowe, for your faithful creation witness!"—Jonathan Merritt, faith and culture writer, and national spokesperson, Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative
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