Global Warming and the Risen LORD (by Jim Ball)


Global Warming and the Risen LORD moves beyond the old debates about climate change to a new conversation focusing on the tremendous opportunities there are and the biblical and spiritual resources we have been given to meet this threat. Filled with inspirational stories and sobering scientific research, Rev. Ball shows us that global warming is the great moral challenge of our time, but one that can be overcome by following the Risen LORD.

Published by Evangelical Environmental Network (2009)

Hear What Others Are Saying About Global Warming and the Risen Lord:

"I was delighted to meet Jim Ball and discuss with him and others the Bible's message about God's care for the whole creation, and our part in that great work. Jim has taken a courageous stand in explaining and exploring the way in which the current crisis of a changing climate has to be taken seriously by all Christians who live under God's word. I am delighted to see this book as one further step along a transformative road." - Bishop Tom Wright, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of St Andrews

"My friend Jim Ball has been at the forefront of climate change for nearly two decades, helping to show Christians the way, especially in the area of climate policy. And now he has added to that a book also filled with biblical and spiritual resources to help encourage and sustain us as we fight the good fight. An extraordinary accomplishment!" - The Rev. Richard Cizik, President and Founder, The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good
"Jim Ball proves once again in this book why he is such an important and prophetic voice that challenges Christians to live up to their calling to steward the earth and to care for the poor. As part of an organization that focuses on ministering to the poorest of the poor around the world, I am thankful for this provocative work which clearly reminds us of our responsibilities in this area as well as pointing us toward the One who is both Creator and Redeemer. I recommend this book to all who want to be called to a higher realm of creation care." - Dave Evans, President, Food for the Hungry
"As Jim's book ably summarizes, the science is clear and compelling that climate change is a profound challenge that must be met. But the challenge is not only scientific, it is also moral and spiritual. The voices of religious leaders need to be heard. Exercising faith can bring guidance, hope and inspiration. All three can be found in Global Warming and the Risen LORD." - Sir John Houghton, Former Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Scientific Assessment
"As a long time leader for creation care, Jim Ball is one of our most important religious voices on climate change. Jim's book provides both challenge and encouragement for this fight, and reminds us that climate change is the single greatest threat facing wildlife today." - Larry J. Schweiger, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation
"I am truly astounded by how much has been put into this book. It is packed solid with the most accurate scientific information, true stories, and Scripture - yet it's very easy to read. I can't say it's not challenging, but I really couldn't put it down! - Brittany Bennett, former college student, from her Amazon review
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