Flynn Broady

Flynn Broady

2018 YECA Climate Action Survey Responses:

Flynn Broady is a 2018 Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 11th Congressional District of Georgia. Broady participated in YECA's Survey in October, 2018. The survey questions appear in bold, and his responses follow below. 

What is the most significant impact of climate change you see affecting Georgia? What policies would you propose to mitigate or adapt to climate change?

Different weather patterns. More intensive hurricanes and tornados have increased in the past five
years. Hurricane Michael caused major crop damage in South Georgia. “Hurricane Alley” is said to be
moving eastward. To mitigate climate change, I would propose to incentivize green energy development
and use, and move from carbon-based fuels toward clean fuels.

What is your strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Ideally, would this be implemented at the local, state, national or global level?

The same as mentioned above - incentivize green energy development and use, and move from carbon-
based fuels toward clean fuels. This should be implemented at all levels.

What is the role of government, if any, in responding to climate change? What is the role of the market, if any?

The market is the problem. Oil and coal industries are in the pocket of politicians. Voters have to take a
stand. We had rules to improve the situation, but they have been rolled back so that fuel industries can
make more money. This will cost us more in the long run.

How does science inform our understanding of climate change? What personal values, either religious or secular, inform how you interpret what science tells us?

Science does research and studies that provide information on the situation. I don’t think religion has a
bearing on climate change.

How does climate change relate to another issue that is important to you?

It effects the development of our economy. We are missing economic opportunities due to denial of
climate change. We should be developing cleaner technologies and preparing the community for
changes that are coming.

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