Project Leaders

Danika Danker


Danika Danker is a masters student studying Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University (NAU).  She graduated with a BS in Biology and a BA in Spanish from Messiah College in 2012 and has been working on reconciliation work ever since.

Danika sees sustainable practices and organizing for action as a way to heal some of the wounds left by capitalism and global climate change.  She is a founding member of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action and has served them as both an intern and steering committee member.  Some of Danika’s past creation care work includes working for the Office of Sustainability at Messiah College, writing a weekly column for the Swinging Bridge (MC), serving as a house leader of the Restoration House (MC), attending the United Nations Committee on Sustainable Development (2013), and facilitating the Weatherization and Community Building Action Research team (WACBAT) at NAU.  As a facilitator of WACBAT, Danika also served as a student leader of Fossil Free NAU, helped to plan Flagstaff People’s Climate March (2014), and organized the first on-campus candidate forum of Flagstaff’s city council and mayoral candidates (2014).  Her current interest is in the Evangelical Creation Care movement itself and the way its senior leaders express hope, both in their salvation, and in the future of the movement.

Project Description: My project includes interviewing senior leaders in the Creation Care movement around the idea of hope--both proximate and distant--in order to paint a portrait of the movement itself.  It is my hope that my thesis can serve both those outside the movement and those of us within the movement.