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Our Climate Testimonies campaign is a multimedia collection of young evangelicals from across the nation sharing how we came to care about the climate crisis, and how we hope the church will step up to this great challenge. A number of respected leaders in the evangelical community are taking note, providing us with Senior Leader Responses of their own.

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Collin Whitsett

Collin Whitsett, who currently is traveling the world but is based out of Hastings, Nebraska, is an alum of the environmental studies program at Southern Nazarene University in...

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Katie Todd

Katie Todd is a senior student of Environmental Science and English at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, though she is originally from Connecticut.

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Kevin Crosby

Kevin Crosby (Upland, IN) is the sustainability coordinator for Taylor University and a founding member of the Y.E.C.A. Steering Committee.

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Allison Engel

Allison (originally from Wheaton, IL) is a Masters of Environmental Science student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.

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Armica, Katharine, and Jessi

Armica, Katharine and Jessi are not only roommates, but they also are all graduate students in Taylor University's Environmental Science program, along with being active members of the...

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Caleb Sprong

Caleb Sprong (originally from Warsaw, IN) is a senior studying Business Administration and Management at Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN). He serves as the vice president of the...

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