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Climate Leadership Fellows

Climate Leadership Fellows

The Climate Leadership Fellows experience is a selective program for undergraduate college students, beginning with a training retreat in August and running through April of the following year.

We aim to equip new leaders who can promote a biblical understanding of the climate crisis and organize faithful responses within their campuses, churches and communities. Working together with experienced Y.E.C.A. Organizers and other mentors, Fellows develop a strategy and specific project for engaging their local context around climate action. The Fellowship includes project support, related travel expenses and a yearlong stipend for the Fellow.

Learn more about the experiences of our past Climate Leadership Fellows cohorts here.

     Opportunities                                                        |                                                   Expectations

  • Be on the front lines of something bigger than each of us as individuals—join the national movement to help Christians engage faithfully around the climate crisis from a distinctively biblical perspective.

  • Impact your campus, church, or community for good and be empowered with the networks and resources to be successful. This is a unique opportunity to integrate faith, learning, and living in addressing one of the great challenges of our time.

  • Gain valuable skills and experience in organizing/mobilization, advocacy/public policy, leadership development, and more, which will equip you for future ministry and career opportunities.

  • Build meaningful friendships and connections with peers and experts from around the country. This is a valuable opportunity to network with both church and climate leaders.

  • Benefit from numerous resources and ongoing trainings, beginning with the all-expenses-paid training retreat towards the end of August.

  • Use this Fellowship to meet internship or other academic credit requirements for graduation.

  • And earn a stipend in the process: Fellows will be awarded a $1,000 stipend ($500/semester). 

  • Be an active and committed Christian, and support the mission of Y.E.C.A.

  • Participate in the training/orientation retreat towards the end of August.

  • Work with Y.E.C.A. staff to develop and approve a plan and timeline for engaging your campus/church/community around climate action. This plan will be developed during the August training retreat and should center on a core project that includes both awareness/educational and advocacy components.

  • Identify a faculty member at your institution who will serve as a local advisor for your project and provide support as needed (especially pertinent if using the fellowship to fulfill academic internship requirements)

  • Invest approximately 10hrs every week on Fellowship-related work. Some weeks may require more time depending on the nature and flow of your project.

  • Meet regularly with Y.E.C.A. staff and the Fellows cohort (via biweekly video calls), and connect as needed with your campus/church/community advisor.

  • Develop a personal prayer network of friends, families, and other supporters, and keep them regularly updated.

  • Submit a final report/evaluation at the end of the Fellowship—specifications will be provided by Y.E.C.A. staff in conjunction with any academic credit requirements from respective campuses.