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Climate Change + Christianity

Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment

This booklet, meant to be a conversation piece for evangelicals to discuss the implications of climate change, was written by Dr. Dorothy Boose of Gordon College, with contributions from pastors, scientists, and humanitarian aid leaders. Highly recommended.

  • Published by: National Association of Evangelicals
  • Length: Long Read (>1 hour)

The Lausanne Global Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel: Call to Action

Fifty-seven evangelical theologians, church leaders, scientists and creation care practitioners traveled from twenty-six countries to meet in late 2012 in St. Ann, Jamaica. As part of the statement they produced, they called for "radical action to confront climate change" understanding "these actions to be an application of the command to deny ourselves, take up the cross and follow Christ." YECA is an institutional signatory to this statement.

  • Published by: The Lausanne Movement
  • Length: Medium Read (15-60 minutes)

Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action

In 2006, a group of over 300 senior evangelical leaders came together, convinced it is time for our country to help solve the problem of global warming. Notable signatories include Pastor Rick Warren, Pastor Bill Hybels, Rich Stearns (President of World Vision), and Paul Corts (now President Emeritus of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities).

  • Published by: Evangelical Climate Initiative
  • Length: Short Read (≤ 15 minutes)

Climate Change and Climate Change Policy as Human Sacrifice: Artifice, Idolatry, and Environment in a Technological Society

Written by Dr. Noah Toly (now Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Wheaton College), this thoughtful piece argues "that anthropogenic climate change and international climate change policy are unique to a technological society and that more than 150,000 climate change-related deaths per year represent a practice of human sacrifice that exposes idolatrous underpinnings of this peculiar civilization." After this critique, Toly puts forward an alternative vision based on Christian values and hope.

  • Published by: Christian Scholar's Review
  • Length: Medium Read (15-60 minutes)

Why Should Evangelicals Care About Climate Change?

Evangelical Christian Climate Scientist, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, outlines five compelling reasons why Christians ought to care about climate change. Among her key arguments are 1) Conservation is conservative, 2) Yes, God would let this happen, 3) The Bible does not approve of letting the world burn, 4) Even if you believe in a young Earth, it’s still warming, and 5) “Caring for our environment is caring for people.”

  • Published by: Slate
  • Length: Short Read (≤ 15 minutes)

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