2017-2018 Fellows

Christine Seibert
Gordon College


Christine Seibert is a senior at Gordon College, located on the north shore of Boston. She is majoring in Biology with a minor in Environmental Outreach. Growing up, her parents taught her to appreciate nature through exploration and enjoyment. While in middle school she volunteered at a small aquarium and discovered a passion for teaching science through hands-on education. 
More recently, Christine has been impacted by her courses in high school and college which illustrated the connections between social justice and climate change. She believes that acting on the issues is not only a way for us to love the poor as we are called to do, but also to witness to the world as we care for the earth. Her goals for her fellowship focus on reaching out to the communities surrounding her college in order to build connections and act on climate change together. In her free time she enjoys cooking, playing in the ocean, and hammocking. 

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