Climate Testimonies

Braelyn Snow

Braelyn Snow (originally from Mt. Gilead, OH), is an illustration major at Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN) and serves as Treasurer of the school's Creation Care Alliance. She sees that "the earth is here for a is definitely an act of creativity, it is our home, and it is the only home God has given us."

"As an artist, I take great joy in what I do and I want it to be treated well," she says, continuing on to talk about things she has learned in class about climate change.

"God made this beautiful piece of art," Braelyn says about creation, and laments the "little things we do to it [that] ruin it, or vandalize it." She concludes that "any artwork that I do, if someone were to throw it against the wall or use it as a would just be a smack in the face, and I think that's what we're doing to God."

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Filming: Kaleb Nyquist, Ben Lowe, Kevin Crosby
Editing: Kaleb Nyquist