Steering Committee

Armila Francis


Armila is currently teaching in the department of Environmental Science, Public Health and Sustainable Development at Taylor University. She grew up in Ann Arbor, MI. and when she came to Upland, Indiana to attend Taylor in 2008, she considered herself a transplant Hoosier. She holds a BS in Biology (Taylor '12) and a Masters of Environmental Science (Taylor '13).

While in undergrad, Armila served on the cabinet of Stewards of Creation, the student-run creation care club on campus. Currently, she helps lead the Sustainability Assistants, a group of students who promote campus-wide sustainability initiatives. She is also the faculty sponsor for the Taylor University chapter of the Food Recovery Network. 

In her leisure time, Armila enjoys being outside, running, doing puzzles, reading, going on little bike adventures, concocting edible experiments in the kitchen, growing things, writing letters, and foraging/telling people about wild edible plants.