Climate Testimonies

Armica, Katharine, and Jessi

Armica, Katharine and Jessi are not only roommates, but they also are all graduate students in Taylor University's Environmental Science program, along with being active members of the Stewards of Creation campus organization.

"We have this mentality that the physical world is somehow less significant than the spiritual world, when really these things are all tied up together. And God created both," Jessi testifies. "We need to consider future is not just for ourselves."

Katharine talks about the steps she has taken towards a sustainability lifestyle. "For me," she says "it has kind of been a progression of...picking one thing and trying to improve your choices in that area, and then you pick another thing you can do to improve your choices, and you just kind of keep going and keep adding different choices. For me it was biking to my class in January."

Armica says, "it is my prayer that leaders are able see the biblical reason for why it is important for us to care. One thing I always think about is the parable of the talents where the master...he gives his own property to the servants to care for. And that's a big responsibility we have."

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Filmed by: Kaleb Nyquist
Edited by: Katie Norregaard