Climate Testimonies

Allison Engel

Allison (originally from Wheaton, IL) is a Masters of Environmental Science student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.

As an undergrad environmental studies major at Wheaton College, Allison honed her passion on conserving biodiversity and protecting habitats for certain species. Although she knew climate change was important, it was through re-reading a textbook on conservation biology that made her realize how significant of a problem climate change actually was.

"If climate change continues to happen, then all these ecosystems that we're striving to protect through habitat conservation, that will just be nullified."

"I have been trying to explain to people, people that I care about, that are also believers and want to serve God in every aspect of their lives, I have been trying to explain to them why it is in an important issue and simple steps they can take to help with that problem," Allison says, describing what she is doing to be an advocate for climate change in her community.

"I care about climate change as a Christian because that's what God created us protect the earth and care for his earth that he created for his own glory," she testifies. "He gave us an important responsibility."

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Filmed by: Kaleb Nyquist, Kristin Crosby, Ben Lowe
Edited by: Kaleb Nyquist