The 2012 Presidential election is the most important election we may ever have for overcoming global warming, and yet climate action is barely being discussed, if at all.

Global carbon emissions need to peak and begin to decline during the next Presidential Administration if we are to avoid the more unpredictable and catastrophic effects of climate change.

If ever there was a time for prayer, if ever there was a time for bold leadership, this is it.

As young evangelicals,we are looking for a President who will lead our country and Congress in overcoming the climate crisis, through comprehensive climate legislation that centers around putting a price on carbon pollution. Our message to both Presidential Candidates is simple:

“Make overcoming the climate crisis a campaign promise and a national priority. Commit now to spearheading comprehensive climate legislation in the next administration.”

Here is how Y.E.C.A. is getting our message across:

  1. Focus on key tactics: PRAYER! In the face of the climate crisis, and surrounding apathy and inaction present in our nation, we must do what Scripture calls us to do: We must pray! Y.E.C.A. is working to ignite a national grassroots prayer movement around the climate crisis that will engage party and campaign offices around the country. We are planning prayer gatherings at the two national party headquarters in August, and are seeking to spark a prayer movement across the country where state campaign offices will be adopted and covered in prayer in both public and private ways. Check back regularly for new resources and the latest updates on how to get involved here!
  1. Focus on key people: In addition to trying to get our message across directly to both Presidential Candidates, Y.E.C.A. is also engaging with the various campaign offices, surrogates, supporters, and senior Evangelical leaders who have relationships with either candidate.
  1. Focus on key states: We are focusing our efforts on the states of VA, OH, PA, MI, FL, and potentially others. Anyone can get involved from any state, however, and there is a lot of online organizing we need to do as well.

Join us in our 2012 focus by signing the Call to Action and then becoming an advocate, activist, or organizer!

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