Take Action

Humanity’s unsustainable actions have caused consequences, and now to tackle those consequences we need to take purposeful action. Furthermore, as evangelicals, we believe that God has set in motion his plan to redeem the world – and that somehow, we are a part of that. With these realities in mind, we seek to advocate, organize, collaborate and pray in order to protect Creation from the threat of catastrophic climate change. Here are some ways you can join in:

Sign the Call to Action

In seeking to live as Christ’s disciples, we have come to see the climate crisis not only as a pressing challenge to justice and freedom, but also as a profound threat to ‘the least of these’ whom Jesus identifies with himself in Matthew 25…

The Call to Action is our founding document. It lays out the vision of our movement, the standard to which we hope to be held to and hold each other to. YECA was launched when 18 young evangelicals gathered to sign the call to action, and signing it remains the first step to joining in the cause. If you have not already, read and sign the Call to Action today.

Opportunities for Action

After signing the Call to Action, there are three different opportunities that you can take to make a difference:

  1. Become an Advocate: speak up and raise awareness about the climate crisis and Y.E.C.A. in your community. You can do this by sharing our video, telling your story, interacting with our posts on Facebook and Twitter, and much more. Our current Advocate focus is the Climate Testimonies project.
  1. Become an Activist: take the next step and participate in organized initiatives either online or in your area that target our three goals. This can include calling or writing to elected officials or candidates, meeting with church leaders, joining in a local prayer rally, and more. Our current Activist focus is the Senior Leaders Pledge project [details coming soon].
  1. Become an Organizer: this local leadership role is absolutely critical to our effectiveness as a movement. Organizers help recruit activists and plan actions. They lead efforts in their spheres of influence (whether geographical or other) such as coordinating letter-writing or phone-calling efforts, or organizing prayer local prayer gatherings. Our current Organizer focus is the Spring 2013 tour.

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the above ways, or have any questions, Connect with us now and we will follow-up with you personally. YECA also welcomes internship requests.

Past Actions

Our 2012 focus was “A Climate for Prayer” and focused on getting President Obama and Governor Romney to commit to making overcoming the climate crisis a campaign promise and a national priority. Read More