Leadership Opportunities

Project Leaders Program

project-leaders-program.pngIf you’re a concerned young Christian looking for a way to engage your community in concrete climate action — consider applying for Y.E.C.A.’s Project Leader program. As a Project Leader you will work with experienced Y.E.C.A. staff and partners both to (1) articulate and promote a biblical understanding of the climate crisis, and (2) develop a strategy for implementing specific projects around climate action. The Project Leader program is purposefully flexible so that you can use your individual gifts and abilities to craft a unique and impactful climate action project that is relevant to your community.

The Y.E.C.A. Staff and Steering Committee aim to work alongside Project Leaders to help them implement climate-related activities, community events, or advocacy plans. By participating in this program you will gain a project partner from the Y.E.C.A. leadership, an organizer kit with Y.E.C.A. materials, and connections with a community of like-minded people for encouragement and support.

Whether you’re a young leader within your church, a concerned citizen seeking to engage your community in sustainability, or a leader of a campus environmental club, YECA’s Project Leader Program can help you inspire your community to action.


  • Participate in a broader movement of creation care and climate action to impact your church, campus, or community for good.
  • Learn more about the theological and scientific support for creation care and climate action.
  • Gain valuable skills and experience in organizing/mobilization, community building, leadership development, and more.
  • Build meaningful relationships with peers and experts within your community and from around the country.
  • Benefit from numerous Y.E.C.A. resources, connections, and ongoing training.


  • Be an active and committed Christian, and support the mission of Y.E.C.A.
  • Participate in training/orientation modules.
  • Work with Y.E.C.A. staff to develop a plan for engaging your campus, church, or community around climate action.
  • Meet regularly with a Y.E.C.A. partner, as determined by you and your Y.E.C.A. contact
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with other Project Leaders
  • Share your experiences as a Project Leader with your community and Y.E.C.A. to help empower fellow climate advocates.

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