The Privilege of Skepticism


If you are reading this and are from North America (and perhaps even if you aren't), you are no doubt aware of just how divisive the issue of climate change is in the US and Canada. 24-hour news networks host regular segments to debate ideology among "experts", while actual climate impacts go unreported. Policy wonks offer hypothetical pros and cons of potential legislation … [Read more...]

Riley Balikian and Brittany Ederer join YECA Steering Committee


Young Evangelicals for Climate Action is pleased to introduce our two newest Steering Committee members, Riley Balikian and Brittany Ederer - both of whom are currently based out of Madison, Wisconsin. They are both accomplished leaders in the work of creation care and we couldn't be happier to bring them onto our team. Welcome Riley and Brittany! Riley Balikian Riley is a … [Read more...]

YECA affirms the U.S.’s Commitment to the Green Climate Fund

Children in Malawi, a prime example of who will benefit from the Green Climate Fund. Photo credit Clive Mear/Tearfund.

As young evangelical Christians, we take seriously Jesus’ call to love our neighbor and care for “the least of these” around the world, many who are already struggling from the impacts of climate change. In 2013 YECA co-led a trip to Malawi, where we witnessed firsthand how changing rainfall patterns are increasing hunger and poverty and threatening to undo years of development … [Read more...]

Praying for our Congolese Partners


This academic year, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action initiated our Climate Leadership Fellows program for undergraduate students. Our 2014-15 cohort includes two students from Université Chrétienne Bilingue De Congo (UCBC), a Christian university in the North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our UCBC Fellows, Kambere Sibamtaki Faden and Sifa Kpaka … [Read more...]

YECA Prays For & Participates In the People’s Climate March

YECA is represented in the "Science & Faith" section of the People's Climate March

NEW YORK CITY -- YECA Steering Committee members and young evangelicals from across the country gathered together on Sunday, September 21st to take part in the People’s Climate March. The march, which started on the west side of Central Park and wove itself through Manhattan, was attended by nearly 400,000 people, making it the largest climate march in history. The gathering … [Read more...]

Sending a Message of Hope to the National Association of Evangelicals

NAE mtg

In 1942, amidst an economic depression and a global war unfolding on two fronts, 147 individuals gathered in St. Louis seeking unity and stronger collective witness across a variety of evangelical denominations. Emphasizing both the “dynamic and independent” nature of American evangelicalism as well as the power of acting as a unified whole, these men and women formed a … [Read more...]

Recommitting: a reflection on the YECA leadership retreat


If you’re anything like me (read: chronic overcommiter), then you probably understand the tension between honoring your existing commitments and jumping on board with new, exciting opportunities. The impulse to say, “Yes!” to every new demand upon my limited time and energies is a constant threat to my sanity, and learning to say no to new opportunities will--I am learning--be … [Read more...]

YECA Fellows gear up for upcoming year

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Held in conjunction with last weekend's Steering Committee retreat was a training for our 2014-15 Climate Leadership Fellows and Regional Organizers. In addition to presentations from Evangelical Environmental Network/YECA staff and other creation care leaders, the training included workshops where the Fellows could develop strategic plans for engaging their college campus and … [Read more...]

Introducing YECA’s 2014 – 15 Climate Leadership Fellows

climate leadership fellows square

For the 2014 - 15 academic year, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action will welcome our inaugural cohort of Climate Leadership Fellows. The Fellowship is a selective program for college students that begins with a training retreat in August and runs until April. The Fellowship aims to train and equip new Christian leaders who promote a biblical understanding of and response to … [Read more...]

YECA’s Climate Leadership Fellows Program partners with the Université Chrétienne Bilingue De Congo

Written on the walls of many campus buildings at the Université Chrétienne Bilingue De Congo (UCBC) is the phrase “Being transformed to transform.” This statement captures so well the ingenuity, vision, passion and service to Christ that Ben Lowe and I witnessed across the entire campus community during our recent trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As part of a … [Read more...]