Y.E.C.A. Stops at Messiah College

Y.E.C.A.’ers from Messiah College pose with Ben, Danika, and President Phipps after our Meeting

GRANTHAM, PA– Tuesday night, we had dinner in the home of Biology professor, Dr. David Foster, just outside of Messiah College in Grantham, Pa.  We were joined by Sustainability Coordinator, Craig Dalen, and another Biology professor, Dr, Erik Lindquist and his family. That night we were blessed with pleasant conversation and a chance to catch up on all of the exciting projects going on a Messiah.  I (Danika) was particularly excited to be returning to my Alma Mater in the morning.

Our day at Messiah College started off with a noon pizza lunch with Professors Lindquist and Foster as well as students belonging to various campus organizations such as The Restoration House, Earthkeepers Club, Grantham Community Garden, and Messiah Cycling Club.  It was also great to catch up with former steering committee members Keane McCullum and Katie Todd, who each recorded climate testimonies for us!

At 2:00, we (Ben and Danika with Keane, Katie, and Bethany, Messiah College Y.E.C.A.ers) had a very important and fruitful meeting with college  President and CCCU Board of Directors chair, Kim Phipps.  She was very supportive of everything we’ve been doing so far, and we asked her about a few project ideas that we have about  how Y.E.C.A. and Messiah College or the CCCU might work together in the future.  We hope to be able to share some of these plans with you in the near future!

Rev. Hescox, Spokesperson Lowe, and Dr. Foster entertain questions after our Panel at Messiah College on Wednesday.

After our meeting with President Phipps, we went out to dinner with the Foster family and Mitch Hescox, President ant CEO of our parent organization, Evangelical Environmental Network.  Dr. Foster, President Hescox, and Ben went over the panel discussion that they would present at Messiah at 7PM. The panel was well-rounded and also well-attended for being Ash Wednesday.  Dr. Foster presented the scientific evidence of anthropogenic global warming and some statistics to explain the rate and dangers thereof.  President Hescox then explained the case for Christian involvement in Washington and advocacy as well as an his point of view as a fellow Pennsylvania resident on several current issues in Washington and how the climate crisis is already affecting Pennsylvanians.  Last, Ben spoke on why young evangelicals especially need to speak out on issues of climate injustice and how we can better serve our neighbors who are already feeling the effects of global warming.

On personal note, I was very blessed and encouraged by our time at Messiah College and thankful for such great conversation and warm hospitality.