Speaking Tour Winds Through Goshen College

Ben and Kaleb with Goshen College’s Eco-Pax organization.

GOSHEN, IN — For the first time all week, spokesperson Ben Lowe and campaigns assistant Kaleb Nyquist were able to sleep in, departing for the fourth tour stop not until 10:00am.

The day at Goshen College started off with Ben speaking to Dr. Ryan Sensenig’s “Roots of the Environmental Crisis” course. The first third of Sensenig’s course explores the climate crisis from various disciplinary angles (economical, anthropological, scientific, etc.), and Ben was invited to give the theological perspective. What followed was perhaps the most interesting Q&A session of the tour so far, as Ben and the students discussed the various merits between a redemptive theology of creation care (focused on overcoming our transgressions) and a incarnational theology (focused on living like Jesus).

Ben and Kaleb received were treated to dinner (butternut squash soup for an entrée and rich brownies for dessert!) by the leadership team of Eco-Pax, Goshen College’s environmental stewardship organization. Different strategies for on-campus mobilization were shared, in addition to an at-length discussion about the various implications of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Ben presenting the vision of YECA at an evening lecture on Goshen’s campus.

That evening Ben was able to present the vision of YECA to about 40 students, staff and community members at College Mennonite Church. One of our most informed audiences to date, Ben was able to pass over some of the basic introductory stuff (i.e. “what is the climate crisis and why should we care?”) and talk specifically about mobilization strategies and current YECA initiatives. 13 students signed the Call to Action afterwards.

Ben and Kaleb went their separate ways for the night, as Kaleb heads back to Chicago in the morning and Ben continues on to Huntington College. Keep Ben in your prayers as he now tours solo for the next couple of days.

Live updates from the tour will continue to be posted to Facebook and Twitter (that is, if Ben finds the time to post anything!).

Goshen seniors and Eco-Pax leaders Erica Grasse (L) and Hannah Eberly (R) give their climate testimonies on camera.