YECA Speaking Tour hits Anderson and Taylor

Steering committee member and Taylor University sustainability coordinator Kevin Crosby introduces spokesperson Ben Lowe to an audience of 50+ students and faculty.

UPLAND, IN —  On Tuesday, spokesperson Ben Lowe and campaigns assistant Kaleb Nyquist started the morning off at Anderson University for what was a meeting with campus sustainability program coordinator Dick Sprague and professor of biology Dr. Dan Ippolito. Sprague, a former tech consultant who came out of retirement to help “green” his alma mater, has been working to stir up passion among students on campus for environmental issues. Ben and Kaleb were able to meet one of those students, who signed the Call to Action.

Although our short time at Anderson was far from being a full-fledged tour stop, we hope seeds were sown that will make it possible for us for come back to engage the campus further.

Later that day, steering committee member and Taylor University sustainability coordinator Kevin Crosby and his wife Kristin hosted Ben and Kaleb for dinner, alongside three students in Taylor Stewards of Creation student organization. It was a fruitful exchange of story sharing and vision casting, and we left the meal feeling very encouraged (and very well-fed!).

Ben discussing what the climate crisis is and what a Christian response could look like.

Ben was able to present to 50+ students and faculty at Taylor University for an evening lecture in Euler Science Complex. A number of letters to senior evangelical leaders and Taylor president Dr. Eugene Habecker were collected afterwards, in addition to 19 new signatories to the Call to Action.

Afterwards, Ben and Kaleb were treated to a short tour of the Euler Science Complex, Taylor’s innovative new building, with features such as geothermal heating and a heliostat atrium. Kevin said that he expects the building to be LEED Gold-certified in the near future.

Tomorrow Ben and Kaleb head northeast to Goshen College for a full day of meeting with students and presenting the vision of YECA. Prayers for safe travels and inspiring encounters would be greatly appreciated.

Live updates from the tour will continue to be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

Taylor University students take action by letter writing and signing the Call to Action.