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YECA is represented in the "Science & Faith" section of the People's Climate March

YECA Prays For & Participates In the People’s Climate March

NEW YORK CITY -- YECA Steering Committee members and young evangelicals from across the country gathered together on Sunday, September 21st to take part in the People’s Climate March. The march, which started on the west … [Read More...]

NAE mtg

Sending a Message of Hope to the National Association of Evangelicals

In 1942, amidst an economic depression and a global war unfolding on two fronts, 147 individuals gathered in St. Louis seeking unity and stronger collective witness across a variety of evangelical denominations. … [Read More...]


Recommitting: a reflection on the YECA leadership retreat

If you’re anything like me (read: chronic overcommiter), then you probably understand the tension between honoring your existing commitments and jumping on board with new, exciting opportunities. The impulse to say, … [Read More...]

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YECA Fellows gear up for upcoming year

Held in conjunction with last weekend's Steering Committee retreat was a training for our 2014-15 Climate Leadership Fellows and Regional Organizers. In addition to presentations from Evangelical Environmental … [Read More...]

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